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Thursday, November 25, 2004

so, about that job you promised me...

I probably already wrote this, but the job i started on Monday lasted a whole 4 1/2 hours before someone in their upper management decided they couldn't be bothered training someone for a 2 week stint.... and so put more pressure on their own workers (as you do) and left me without a job for the next fortnight...

Well that's not necessarily true I suppose, the Agency is always optimistic something will come up. And they know I'm keen so at the moment I can't do much more than that.

So... what else. Oh yes, the last episode of the OC... I'd like to say WHATTHEMASHUGANAPUTS?! I mean for people who DISPISE this series, of which I know a few, you are delusional. I mean really... they all leave at the end of it? 'Marissa' hits the bottle, and 'Seth' floats off into the sunset. BEAUTIFUL! 'Keirsten' crying? Man, I'm so envious of her getting to snog Peter Gallagher all the time. Hmph! This is why I like this show, it was not a happy ending, it was left on the edge, making you want more. (Bastards!)

Also, in relation to the box... the tele, whatever you might call it.... i note channel 10 has the most 'new' stuff coming up over the silly-season.... which is good, i mean i was dreading all the xmas movie re-runs... but i also note that there are NO NEW AUSSIE SITCOMS OR DRAMAS amongst them.
Come on AUSTRALIAN TV NETWORKS, support some more AUSTRALIAN PRODUCERS, AUSTRALIAN ACTORS, AUSTRALIAN WRITERS! Please. It's starting to make me a little bit edgy. I'd hate to be a struggling actor in this country, honestly. If you manage to hit a spot in Neighbours, you'd be lucky.

That's my two cents anyway.
I'm nearly out of library internet time, and I guess I should sign up for some sort of job mail so I dont have to wait for the paper each Saturday.

be excellent to each other.
and congrats to 'ma boyz' the new pollutants for a win in the SAMIA awards! good on ya babes!


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