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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Super Size Me

go on, do it!

So I saw all my favourite people last night... Pippa, Tank, Annie, Benjamin, Nic-o... huzzah!

Tank + I visited the Palace to see Super Size Me, and it was good. Entertaining, freaky, and quite believable. I think the doctors were the most surprised. It took him about a year to readjust his body to normal after those 30 days, and though as he says in closing that it was an extreme experiment... there are people that eat it every day, and so they're at least doing a third of the damage he did. Yuk.

No wonder I haven't eaten it in more than a year... besides, McDonalds is cancer, and cardboard too.

After seeing da moofie, went to the Ex briefly to wish Mike Radz a happy bifday... but it was too noisy and crowded and random, so went to the Cranker for the New Pollutants and bulk ace interpretive dancing action with Annie + Astrid + Deanna. Wore my new shoes and ended up with a rather large blister that I only realised was there this morning... oops... but still jumped around like a loopy la la. Everyone really got in to it, there was this little guy rocking out in his wheelchair even and I'm like YEH ROCK ON MAN!
Was super excellent.

Caught up with travelling minstral Guillaume (and ex-3Der and French man) who is back for a little while. I will post info on where he is playing his 'silly songs' (as he calls them) later.

Popped up to Rhino and saw the last track or so of Good Buddha and gave my therapist some kisses, knocked someones glass over, cleaned it up... and went on my way back to wave Annie goodbye.

Drank beer, and have a slight headache today, but didn't get sick, so I'm happy with that.

All is well.

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