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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I shouldn't care...

but I do....

31/5: I get confused with information overload. I do often repeat myself, stuck in one spot or replay scenarios of times past over and over in my head. Like my memory is kind of stuck...

The information overload... comes from getting frustrated I can't know something about everything... and although I know that people who think they do know it all are fooling themselves... not being able to know it all truly frustrates me.

Particularly regarding things that immediately effect me, and the community around me.

But I mean, I can't expect to know it all. We live in the 'information age' damnnit, with things thrust at us from all angles. Radio, TV, Magazines, Books, Cable TV, Internet, Telemarketing, Newspapers, Music, Film. It drives me crazy that there is so much of it. I guess that's why I sometimes ignore newscasts and such because I htink that nothing else will actually FIT in my head.

I'm positive there are techniques to improve things like memory, but I'd almost be afraid of my head exploding!!

The new book I've started reading is entitled (perhaps in some kind of sexist?? way) "How Men Think: 7 essential rules for making it in a mans world". What it's about is women and men in business. How there often seems to be unwritten rules and game-playing between men in business + it becomes a problem in that women don't understnad why the men do what they do, and vice versa. Written by a psychologist who first discovered some of these rules when she took up sailing, and written mainly because she's had many female patients crying in her office, within a short period of time, and all with similar problems... which sparked curiosity.

So in essence, it's not a book slating men, but more trying to bring men and women together in the workplace. So it should be interesting.

The Day After Tomorrow was good...
"Our Economy is every bit as fragile as our Environment"

and something along the lines of "third world countries have sheltered us, and fed us, and for that we are grateful..."
Significant moments in the film: having a man previously homeless as one of the survivors, assisting some of the middle class members; showing great weakness in America, particularly in a mass-evacuation situation; Knowledge is power; technology is every bit as good as it is bad.

We need to bloody well wake up and stop destroying our natural resources NOW before it really is too late. Make a conscious effort to drive less, and recycle more. these are the two simplest things that YOU can do every day. If you have the time, consider the packaging on items you purchase....
(all boring random stuff off the top of my head)

I wish I was smart enough to be an environmental scientist.
Damn it!

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