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Friday, December 31, 2004

ok, so let's get serious...

brisbane doesn't have daylight savings... therefore, at 5am, generally there's sun pouring through my window... which wouldn't be so bad if the curtains were darker and it didn't make the room a light yellow each morning... one of these days I'll get up and utilise this time of the morning for something more constructive than sleep.

i know when i return to adelaide in January what people will say.... 'wow, look at your tan!' when in fact, i am so whitey mcwhite-white that it's not funny. My top half is gradually browning as well as my feet, but the backs of my legs just seem to be freckling! That's very strange, I don't think my legs have freckled before...

We are off to Maryborough today for New Years Eve... Dip and Brudd's friend Andrew has a new place he wants to show off, so we're having a bogan themed New Years do.... only problem being is that I don't actually have any random garb that is bogan like that I can wear... hmm... perhaps an op shop could be useful...

We have also decided that this evenings poison of choice is Sangria. Yum.

I have been a bit sniffly the last few days, I'm hoping it's just my regular hayfevery sinussssssy goodness and nothing more.

The house is so mega clean (well, compared to what it was) I am particularly proud of the effort. Now we also have some Thai Basil growing and I bought Nath, the mint freak, a chocolate mint plant. Tasteriffic! I also bought Dahlia's and have potted them on our Balcony.

Darn. Have just checked my bank account and discovered that my pay isn't there yet *pout*... it will be there at midnight knowing my luck. How RUDE!

I bought Good Morning Vietnam on DVD... it was a toss-up between that, Rushmore or Lost In Translation. I've decided I want to own everything that Bill Murray has ever done, because he's a legend.

I was supposed to be buying some pillows.

Slap me on the wrist and no desert!

Schlappy Nude Year all!!

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