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Friday, December 03, 2004

hazy... sticky... i can taste beer....

Well I can't anymore, but how I felt last night when I first wrote this... follows...

Feelin' kinda hazy and sleepy after a long sweaty day of volunteering and socialising. Saw both of the boys I have new crushes on today, but only one to speak to. The other... well.... I think just more social visits to his place of business will ensue. Was too reserved today to say more than I did, even thought I had a plan in my head. He had papers scattered all over the place doing the books.

Being someone who has done this (in part) for the majority of my working life, I gave only a smile and "hey" on my way past, rather than interrupt him the way I had intended.

.... anyhoo, I will write about last night.

The SOOB opening party was fun, met up with people I'd met the day before and had a few bevs... John *grins*, Steve *nods*, Adam *waves*, Grant *reintroduces self twice*, Laura *tells her to wake up*, Megan *meet two more people from Cairns... also met a couple of new people... Mitch *waves*, Siobhan *thanks for email*...

Yelled across the bar that "TALLIES" aren't called "TALLIES" they're called "LONG NECKS" and thank you very much! That was quite amusing.

Didn't actually sit and watch any of the music, but what was both upstairs and down was interesting. All electro, and all pretty decent eh.

I was only there for a few hours, pretty much mingling and getting to know a few people. It was nice, and it was sweaty.

I know that doesn't sound so exciting, but i liked it.

I hate living in "Sydney".... it's too far from the Brisneyland! Hopefully will rectify that soon.

I would like to insert a massive big fat congratuMAlations to my buddy ole pal TANK who today, hands up her thesis. GOOD ON YA BABE!!


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