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Sunday, September 19, 2004

for the harmonica...

Last EVER Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Sunday 2-4pm

with Leigh*dust, Denni Brillig,

Esquivel: Miniskirt
G Love + Special Sauce: Night of the Living Dead
Cornelius: Drop
Morphine: Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer
Dj Salinger: Hello
Ciccone Youth: Two cool rock chicks listening to Neu
Smokey Robinson + The Miracles: You've really got a hold on me
Groove Armada: Think Twice
Joss Stone: Fell in love with a boy
Leigh StarDust: You might say
The Titanics: Harmonica
Ween: Hey there fancypants
Paris Combo: Attraction
Richard Easton: Underground Sea
Dolly Parton: PMS Blues
Aimee Mann: Momentum
The Avalanches: Run DNA
Roger the Band: Hatchback
DJ Tr!p: Grungebitch
Brassy: Feeling Sorry
Leigh*dust: This is the ending
Phil Nichol: Daddy's Wig
Crazy Penis: Magical Progression (Nic's pick)
Luke Ashby + The Lonely Crowd: Criminally Beautiful
Neneh Cherry: Buffalo Stance

GOODBYE THREE D. You have served me well.

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