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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tim Burton

I have a friend who is an animator that is working on the new Charlie + The Chocolate Factory, and for that.... erm.... I'm very proud anyway.... not that he's not done cool stuff before like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

I once said in an email to him 'eh, what you working on and can i look?' and he went:

"Lord of the Rings and no"

And it wasn't fair, but man, imagine doing that for a living.... hmmm... pity I can't draw eh?!

Ooh, have you noticed I've been more bothered with sizes and colours lately!? Tee hee.

Straight Out of Brisbane program looks great. I'm really looking forward to it... doing door bitching at a few different venues throughout the fest, so that is always fun.

I had a dream with Colin Firth in it last night. What is going on here?! Obviously I now find him a spunk, where-as before I didn't.

Oh AND... what is it with me and handsome bartenders....?? I've now hopefully got three of them at my beck and call.
I should probably retract that for fear of retribution, but fuck it.

Oops, I said fuck.

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