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Monday, November 29, 2004

okay okay...

so it's true, i really have nothing to write...
no that's a lie, i do actually.

I am a big fan of PT Anderson, Magnolia is one of the true genius pieces of film (even it's in entirety of 3 hours and 8 minutes), and Punch-Drunk Love was just as incredible... but I made myself watch BOOGIE NIGHTS yesterday, because I think the first time I went to watch it more than 5 years ago, I fell asleep.

Okay, now... I enjoyed some of it... the beginning was better... and poor WH Macy! :(

(my train of thought has been trashed, by the small child, whose parent obviously wasn't watching it, and has just pulled a BOOK SHELF on top of themselves)

I don't know, I thought when I first saw Mark Wahlberg act I gave him more credit than he was due. Other performances in the film are damned fine. I LOVE Julianne Moore, she's great.

My point is, it's the least fave of the three PT films I've seen... thoughts?

Also we watched PIECES OF APRIL over the weekend, and I must say, I really like Katie Holmes. She's great in it. And all the characters were great actually. Make sure that you check it out, I don't want to say too much about it, but basically... her family is coming for Thanksgiving Dinner and her oven is broken... and that's not the half of it!

I spent Friday night at RUSH, my new favourite bar to drnk $4 pints of Stella, and by god they have the most handsome boy there... *swoon*


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