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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

my soul is an island...

my car is a ford...

no it ISNT!

anyhoo, well, I have no longer got a new temp job to go to for the next fortnight... I went there yesterday morning and someone up there in the hot-seat decided that they could use an internal person for a fortnight, rather than train me to do the reception job for a fortnight.... so 4 1/2 hours after i arrived i was on my way home.


Oh well. life of a temp I guess. It's just that hadn't happened to me before, and I took it a little bit personally as well.

They came up with another job at a marketing place, but it's across the other side of the city - and it would be temp to permanent, and i want to travel next year for several months... so i dont want to annoy people by taking a job then going on holidays or quitting in about July.

Anyhoo, I'm waiting for the job spec to come thru on email and I'll make a decision more based on that. Might just have to move sooner rather than later.

Went to my volunteer meeting for straight out of brisbane last night... nice bunch of people, i think it's going to be great. The program is huge, so check it out.

I really have nothing terribly interesting more to report.
Went for a swim this morning. Huzzah!

I guess I'll be watching daytime tv the next few days til more work comes up.

I was glad that Casey won Australian Idol because Anthony sounded the same every time he sang.

I had a dream with the people from The OC in it last night, now something is wrong with that!! Because it wasn't even Peter Gallagher.... mmm Peter Gallagher.

Tune into 93.7FM in Adelaide Sunday from 2pm for Better Living Thru Inebriation, and hear the Brisneyland report at some point with yours truly.



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