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Saturday, June 05, 2004

yippity yesterday...

yippity? huh?

I've discovered I'm really good at something... paper cuts! I seem to do it all the time! Today I did two fingers in one action! Cor! Check me out, I'm the master!
And for that I get a gold star *bling*...

Blank Tapes 5a + b Launch # 1 went very smoothly last night. Had 60 or so through the door, so not too bad for a cold Thursday.

The Vague were great, stringing on to this growing number of bands with guitar and drums only. I remember the first time I saw the Frustrations from Tassie play at Inzone many years ago. They were just great!

Next week is Leigh*dust, Matt's Little Brother, Sweet Raxx, Hit the Jackpot + Blood Robots. Come along, it'll be great!

Glancey rubbed Spoz's ego a bit in Rip It Up *hehe*

I need a haircut. Don't want to go too 80's or too gay for that matter, but I have an idea...

Still reading "how men think"... it's good so far, and giving me a bit of a biology refresher in the process...
(end of stuff from yesterday)
Might go see The Satellites + Jackson United @ The Grace tonight. hmm.

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