meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

"i can't leave you alone..."

cos i knew from the start, you'd be tearing me apart, sooner or later...."

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: 2-4pm, Sundays
(next week is the LAST SHOW EVER!)

The Bees: A Minha Menina
Supergrass: Pumping on your Stereo
Wagons: You and Me
Radio Active: Relax
G Love: Front Porch Lounger
Woody Allen: The Science Fiction Film
Drop City: Setting Sun
Kings of Convenience: Love is no big truth
Joss Stone: Super Duper Love
Groove Armada: But I feel good
Mundy / Nellee Hooper: Escape from Mantua
Good Buddha: Ultrasound
The Herd: Honest J (from Rock Against Howard compilation)
Macromantics: Dreams
Elvis Costello + Burt Bacharach: What's her name today?
Luke Ashby + The Lonely Crowd: Criminally Beautiful
Kostars: Never So Lonely
Jefferson Airplane: My best friend
Black Box Recorder: Girls guide for the modern diva
Home for the Def: We're Through (Hollies cover)
The Bedridden: The Drowning of the Daddo Brothers
Big Brother + The Holding Co: Piece of my heart
The Thievery Corporation: All that we perceive
Tripod: Second Drawer Down
They Might Be Giants: No!
Lou Reed: Satellite of Love
Rancid: 7 years down (from Rock Against Bush Vol 2.)
Rocket Science: Connect Me
The Procussions: Introducing


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