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Sunday, August 22, 2004

i wanna fuck a dj...

yeh maybe... it'd be okay, as long as they're not on pills...

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Three D Radio, Sundays 2-4pm
This edition: The Best shows I've seen in Adelaide...

The Blackeyed Susans: Let's Live
Richard Easton: Underground Sea
Buena Vista Social Club: Dos Gardenias
Paris Combo: Avril
Downsyde: Land of the Giants Pt 1 / Did you not know
Lazaro's Dog: Home Entertainment System
Bikini Kill: Alien She
Peaches: I don't give a ... / I'm the kinda
Team Plastique: Fuck a DJ
LOVE SONG DEDICATION - Elvis Costello + The Attractions: I want you
Ruby's Grace: Me + You
The Tea Party: The Bazaar
The New Pollutants: Blast the world into space
Brassy: L vs. S / I can't wait
Red Monika: The Aches
Doug Anthony All Stars: My baby's gone to jail
Tripod: Stalk
Average: Hammer
G Love + Special Sauce: Cold Beverage
The Cat Empire: Days like these
Man or Astroman?: The universes only intergalactic radioactive breakfast bar
Elvis Costello + Burt Bacharach: What's her name today?
Boss Hog: Texas
Johnny 7 OMA: Don't like myself
Buck 65: Exes
Salt N Pepa: Twist + Shout
Elvis Costello: Couldn't call it unexpected number 4


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