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Saturday, October 23, 2004

get ready for a big PHAT blog...

I have, this week, been working as a temp for a Body Corporate Management office. Basically I'm a correspondence clerk til further notice. It's a quiet place, everyone's pretty busy, but they're all nice people.

I type their letters, charge their outlays, answer phone calls, do the mail and stuff and things.

I have learnt something.... not all "English" Dictionaries are the same (even including the spell check on my computer). I was doing some documentation with the word 'arborculturist' in it. I'd changed it to ARBOR CULTURIST as the spell check told me it wasn't a word. The Body Corp Manager approved the letter so I sent it to be signed. The Big Boss sent it back asking it to be changed back to arborculturist. I stuck a note on it saying there ain't no such word, after checking our Macquarie Concise English Dictionary Third Edition (revised and updated) and reprinted in 1999!

However, in the Collins English (and Australian) Edition downstairs, the word is listed.

So what I want to know is WHO IS RIGHT? and DO ARBORCULTURIST's exist?

I've never been one to particularly preen myself, at least in the way of things such as skin care. I'm very lucky my skin has always been near on perfect, in that I don't get blemishes. And pretty much the most used product ever is my aloe vera gel, straight off the plant or out of a tube, it doesn't matter!

Now that I've made this big move, and a large portion of the reason I moved is to shake myself up a bit, become a better person, rah rah rah, i am actually finally doing more 'cosmetic' things to myself.

Yes everyone knows my obsession with eyeshadow and NO I'm not talking about botox!

I have been concerned with the dark circles that have taken over my eyes the past few years. So when I went to the supermarket the other day to buy my other favourite moisturiser (Garnier Body Tonic, bless it) I found some Neutrogena Eye Cream...

Brisbane City is quite hilly, I think my legs are getting a reasonable work out each day. Still my problem is the 'from the waist-up bloat'... I don't quite understand it myself but I now do my hand weights every day and have started doing sit-ups. I can do about 20 at the moment before I start feeling sick, but this will surely improve. If Britney Spears can do 300, then so can I damn it!


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