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Friday, November 26, 2004

golly gee willakers!

so... i had this dream last night that i returned to adelaide completely unprepared, got the time wrong when i was supposed to reunite with people, felt all sweaty and horrible, with no change of clothes, and that pippas friend had her houseboat parked next to her house!

Go figure.

What does this all mean? Am I afraid of returning and not having achieved anything?

I hate not working... well I don't hate it, working does suck more than it rocks generally.... but I get bored out here in "Sydney" as DiP and BrudD have called it. I'll probably go into town later and catch up with work mates from my first month here. I liked them, a bunch of nice people.

I am starting to work out really where I would like to go travelling next year... the US for sure, perhaps Japan, Cuba and Spain are entering the equation. Hmm. But with any luck I'll be able to spend a few weeks travelling with the super-spunky Sam, with whom I will hunt for boys and cause trouble!


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