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Sunday, May 30, 2004

bits n pieces...

1) how do you read the sydney morning herald? i mean really, it's like a massive piece of butchers paper!!

2) i haven't been watching American Idol religeously, but thank mashugana Fantasia won. Damn, she can sing! you go girl.

3) we need a fucking revolution man!

from 28/5...
it occured to me whilst sifting through a pile of junk and talking on the phone a few days ago, that I broke up with my ex (so far, the only real 'adult' relationship I've had) nearly 4 years ago.

Which leads me to a new vox pop.... #3 i think, but whose counting...??
Do you think that the time in between serious relationships is generally equal to that time SPENT in the relationship?

I mean I know 100% of the time this isn't going to be the case... and though I don't think of that time unless it's to make comparisons when others experience similar things... I wonder if my subconscious has been giving me all of the barriers I need to get in the way of letting me find someone else... eg. giving me tunnel vision.

Tunnel vision with me is a terrible thing. I wind myself up and up over these intense friendships/relationships til I start to fall apart (like at the moment). Currenlty though I am also in the midst of what my "therapist" calls a 1/4 life crisis.

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