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Monday, October 18, 2004

what's a good present for...

a 'congratu-ma-lations you finished your uni-ma-versity' present?

insert random thought/s here: I think we should send more postcards. It's fun getting them. I wonder if Jules + Philo got my postcard?

I want to go to Dreamworld (when I get a job that is) because I want to go on a rollercoaster and run amok like a little kiddywink for a day. Is that bad? Probably.

work: So... this morning I got up reasonably early... it'd been raining all night... hopefully that gave the fire fighters up here some much needed relief.... so I got up and went to Centrelink, and they're going to help me but I gots to wait til the 26th til I see any cash. Which, maybe, will mean that I will have already gotten work through the Temp Agency who I will be seeing this afternoon...

tele: so... 1) they should get someone other than ROVE to host the ARIA's. He's just not funny anymore. Bring back Darryl Somers, or give the job to someone worthy like Denton or Peter Berner, just not Rove. You just don't make me giggle enough anymore mate, you're out of the gang!
2) Also, why the hell is that Marty guy still on Australian Idol... or Hayley. They're both much notably worse than the other contenders that are left. I kind of like the idea of a Courteney/Chanel showdown at the end. or the really young girl, i forget her name, but she has such good control of her voice.
3) Mark Holden is an old perv.
4) Kind of interested in the new Aust Drama Cooks, but unfortunately they have put it on I think at the same time as Sex + the City, and SATC wins hands down for me at the moment. Might have to tape the other, because I keep wondering why we have this 48 ba-thousand versions of CSI and US shows like that, and they aren't harvesting (is that the right word i'm looking for, probably not) Aussie actors/Aussie shows/directors etc etc. Shame on them.

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