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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

update-us goodness....

hello cyber-world...

firstly, i am sick. Not sick in the head, or sick of bad politicians being in power in our country, but sick as in *blowing nose* sick.

I thought I'd have more time whilst travelling to stick some notes to my blog, however it just didn't happen... I didn't even get to see all the people I wanted to see (sorry big Fi!) but had a jolly good time along the way.

I really enjoyed Canberra, contrary to popular belief it's quite nice. So quiet though. That's the thing about it... you're in the middle of the city in the middle of the week and you can hear wildlife. So unusual...

Sydney was nice again. Didn't make Trovatos but spent some time a the Manly Jazz Festival, eating expensive fish and chips.... headed down to the Harbour to meet Aiva for some expensive drinks (and i mean expensive) and searched for one SINGLE pub that was open for counter meals.... and when couldn't find one, found a cheap tasty noodle bar instead.

Totally missed Merlin, Joe, Andrew and da boys from Debasa because I went to the wrong park (for an Anti-Howard/Peace gathering) but these things happen.

Had brekkie on the day I left with Kim, Sally + Kristian down at Coogee. Sooooo tasty....

One night in Coffs, then arrived here. That's the super-condensed version but some of you would have received my email anyway!

I still am uncertain as to what I'm actually doing here... certain people from home are keeping me sane (thanx nico, thanks sam, thankx tank, thankx shaz) and i ran up a hella big phone bill since i moved house in adelaide *sheesh* but oh well.

Hopefully work will fall in my lap soon. Applied to a few places yesterday and need to print some of my resumes out when I can get to a computer that I can do that on... but I guess that's what job network is good for. Thanks Centrelink (well, thanks next Monday if you can help me)...

I am sick of blowing my nose! Can I just chop it off??


new fave CD's: Kill Bill Volume 2 Soundtrack + Verve Remixed Vol 2 Compilation

stuff and things.
write me comments if you are reading. otherwise, i give up!

ps. oh, since I have been here we saw the Cat Empire at the Arena, which was fully excellent, and Paul Kelly at the Brisbane Multicultural Festival (which was free, and which is the reason I got sick from sitting on cold lawn). Super fun.

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