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Thursday, November 04, 2004

my November 3 post on November 4...

Politics: Today is kind of D-Day... Although I haven't been following the US election 'warm-up' so much, all I know is that I want that lying Dubbya out of there (I also wanted our little Johnnie Howard out of there too, but it was not to be).

Dubbya and LJH can go play their war games on their own planet, not mine!

I am kind of concerned for the American Public in general... eg. what will happen on the streets if Bush is returned to power. I have these visions for some reason of mass rioting and protesting and anger.

God I hope the rioting part doesn't come true.

If something goes bunta (Mikey, this is for you) get on a plane and sleep on our purple and green couch!

I also think the US might kind of 'swallow' itself in our lifetime... I don't know what makes me feel that way, but let me kind of explain. (and this sucks, cos I know a whole bunch of nice US-ians.... the people over at Quiet Water Web and Mikey and stuff...) I just see that, of course, the general populas, as here, is asking for simple things like good health care and not getting it. The gun issue is a huge problem. The 'fear' angle constantly used discusts me. Slowly it's getting worse.

I am not saying I have an answer, I am not saying I know a whole lot about US history or anything. (And, as we know, news is always biased) I'm just saying I'm worried.

Education: Some people seem to think Michael Moore is just stirring shit, and perhaps he is. What I see is that he is collating vital information and providing it to the general public in a way everyone can understand... whether it be by using a guy in a giant rubber chicken suit, or putting it in a book with useful tips on who to contact for what in their country.

I saw the book "Michael Moore is a big stupid fat white man". Firstly, enough with the taunts about weight, who gives a crap. Secondly, I did open this book to a random page in the book store. Bascially what it said what that a particular topic that Mike had commented on in his book "Stupid White Men".... if you typed a particular phrase relating to that into google you found 80,000+ references to it and, in essence, "ha ha, he's not smart"... you fucking retards! Of course he's researched the topics he's talked about (and listed exactly where in the back of the book i might add) Go on! MAKE A POINT!

Life: Oh, and if the man I found the most comfort in talking to in this world only realised the conversatoin got you through the later years in life... we'd be procreating by now!
Or at least hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing!

Julie and Erin loungeroom yoga tonight - Yeehaw!

Comin' atcha black mamba style!

(I'm obsessed with the Kill Bill Vol 2 Soundtrack by the way... thank you again Quentin.... especially "Goodnight Moon" and "About Her")

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