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Friday, October 15, 2004

*cough*..... *splutter*

yes still coughing and spluttering my way through my days, which is somewhat annoying let me tell you.

Also my nose continues to bleed because I've been blowing it way too much this week.

Which leads me to the very scientific question of WHERE THE HELL DOES ALL THIS SNOT COME FROM?

I would like to protest my well... protest against the use of the ARENA as a venue for Groove Armada here in Brisneyland. I mean, I have nothing specifically against the Arena as a venue... for a band that you might not need to dance to that is.

Went there for the Cat Empire a couple Fridays ago.... well it was great to see so many people there to rock out (even though the crowd weren't all jumping around... hello? JUMP PEOPLE!) but I found that I had to go upstairs to get a boogie in because in the main area there was absolutely NO dancing space.

This said, the ticket price of $75 also seems a bit steep when GA should be playing a larger venue.

This is why, people of Earth, I should be a bloody promoter. I mean sheesh, whomever you are, give me a job. Please. And I will actually go to venues, and check them out, so that I know that the audience is going to WANT to pay that much money to go see their fave outfit.

Also, the soundsystem in the Arena wasn't fantastic and the beer was expensive (actually, all the drinks were expensive).

And if I was Groove Armada I'd be saying 'pants' to you, and your little dog too.

The Amazing Race is back on TV in Australia, and at a reasonable time-slot. I think it's actually good for kids to see it, because it could teach them small amounts about Geography and Culture. Which is good, right?
The only thing I don't like seeing as much is the bitching, I mean some of it is in context, but some of it is people whining, and I don't want to see people whining.

New SPLENDARO vox pop.... provided by Miss Dippity DiPana Alexsponia!


Let me explain... in Brisneyland, land of sunshine (and bushfires evidently, woah!) you can't own a bunny rabbit for a 'pet'... you must own it for research or training purposes... hence, if you had a teaching degree you can own a bunny.

Di really wants to own a bunny.

this is the end of the rambling...

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