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Friday, October 31, 2003

the bachelorette...??

what IS with all this american teevee stuff huh? it's all codswallop!

why can't they make some quality Aussie Bachelor show or something? yeh, thongs and stubbie holders, that's what we want to see!!

but seriously, after watching Evolution and having a long hot bath last night, I went downstairs to discover what had begun on the box was indeed "the Bachelorette"... scary. that's all I can say. Watched the last 15 minutes and then returned my mind to the PS2...

the other show I don't understand is Temptation Island. Now unless you want to fully screw up your relationship, and/or screw around, WHY would you go on it!!

As far as my fishies go, they seem ok, but TANK (over in Holland... *waving*) tells me that they don't like vibrations (from the speaker) so maybe I should move them... but that doesn't explain the growth that started on one of them.... it's actually disappearing now which is good. It probably just did need a really good clean. Still gots to get the fish planties for them to play in...

oh, and how come I keep getting Viagra and Penis Enlargement spam in my inbox at work?? I don't even have a cock!!


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