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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

yesterdays e-mail vent...

so to my friends in this wide brown land we call australia, yesterday i sent an email saying 'does anyone else feel like writing to channel 10 and telling them they are crap for playing MORE re-runs of seinfeld?'

here's some answers:

KBP: "Also the same episodes of the Simpsons over and over and over again, there are 14 years of them and yet we only see the same episodes over and over again. Sign me up. Though what would we replace it with????"
(that's a good question Pech, but like previously mentioned, I'd rather watch a documentary or what about MONTY PYTHONS flying Circus? that'd be cool!)

Dan: "i reserve my right to not watch television. at all. okay, occasional videos."

Alex: "Hmmm... i kinda like seinfeld... used to like it more than i do now... now i'm rather over it, but that's coz i've seen them all.

And as for letter writing... i *really* don't think it'd have any particular
effect on their programming. I mean, really, who are we to say what we
should watch? We are not the program directors, we are obviously not
qualified, we're definitely not on the payroll, so who are we to think we
have any say in things?

Besides, if they play half the crap that they do, such as say trashy-US
daytime soaps, then i think all hope is lost."

Mishy: "it's non ratings season they don't give a toss."

Seany: "Lol, I like Seinfeld Julie!"
(no, a traitor in our midst!)

Paul: "well I hate channel 10
in fact I hate 7,9 & 10 and get shitty reception of 2
so SBS is GOD"
(yes he's right, SBS should be God... 'cept when you can watch ABC they share the throne!)

Mark: "Count me in!!! i hate fucking seinfeld too!!!.............except for the soup nazi episode, or the episodes with the gay portaricans!"

Benji: "i never watched seinfeld in it's "day".... so i'm glad they are putting it back on!!!!"

Tanya: "Yes, I'll be in on that. Its insulting that they think we'll just sit there and watch whatever they put in front of us.
I would like to boycott tv altogether except that I am addicted and must enjoy wasting my time.."

Spoz: "I'm guessing they get 'em REAL cheap.. so, they show 'em ALL the TIME..

it's like Channel 10's bargain bin consists of - SEINDFELD, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, THE SIMPSONS, LAW AND ORDER (all the millions of different versions), and all that endless repeated JAMIE OLIVER crap...

I mean.. c'mon.. gives us SOMETHING good to watch besides reality tv..
I'm sick to death of reality tv.. "

(I WILL NOT HAVE SPOZ SAY SOMETHING NASTY ABOUT JAMIE OLIVER...!! though i admit there is a flood of his stuff on the market, i like him... because I too will become a master chef one day... i'm building his sort of passion for food, which kind of scares me.)

There will be a cooking day soon kids! Promise!!

Man, I'm going to SUFFER on the way home riding the bike... it's already getting hot... it wasn't so bad riding in, but still took me about 10 minutes more than usual... even though I cruised uber-quickly through the parklands this AM.... so much fun.

MORE BIKES! less freakin' cars!


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