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Sunday, October 26, 2003

it's the waiting that kills ya...

i'm hot i'm cold, my feet are cold. cold feet. cold cold cold. 'cept i can't leave my shoes on cos it don't feel right... what's with that?

am i really losing my mind? probably. I think I dropped it somewhere between here and Williamstown... *waves to shaggy shaz and adamski*

last night me and Vairi went to Shazzy and Adams to paint glass jars for candles. it was fun. we made tuna mornay, and I made pizza muffins which were very tasty indeed... and we tried out a couple different types of champers for the wedding! "alright for you Pats??"

Friday we went to Jive to register for 'booty call' (as requested by Red Monika) and although there weren't as many ass-shakers as usual it was very kewl indeed. Barcode and Subwoofer played too (we missed the first band, sorry, i'm sure they were good!) and went off as usual.... you can visit subwoofer at http://subwoofer.32k.org/

Hey-hey to Matty Matt, nice to catch up with you again. xx

and HEHEHE to Nicki... no other words to explain this one. nyuk.

I can't believe how very mellow I'm being this afternoon on radio... 'tis very out of the ordinary for me... usually I want to f*ck shit up and break stuff, not today though. Must be the country air...


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