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Thursday, November 06, 2003


yes, Justin Hamilton was back in town last night strutting his superb hosting skills all over the Rhino Room stage like an old pro... well i guess he is the godfather of Adelaide comedy isn't he?

I spent 8 hours at FUSE yesterday organising stuff with Terri for our Volunteers meeting... it went really well and it was nice to see some familiar volunteery faces from last years Eat the Street program! yay! we're all back in one big happy family!! hurrah hurrah hurrah!

will be heaps fun!

yeh and since when should I have to be on JOB NETWORK! boo! i'm doing my fair share of contributing to the community. Bum-faces!! Actually the chick said I might have already fulfilled that requirement by working my 15 hours... cool. No job network meetings for me! hooray!

it just keeps getting better..... money depleating or not...

MACHINE GUN FELLATIO on November 30th!! yay, never seen them, definately going!!


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