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Friday, November 21, 2003

stuff and a few things...

xmas gift ideas: http://www.tear.org.au/giftcatalogue/page2.htm

My favourite venue for mirth in Adelaide... RHINO ROOM, Frome Road

SOMEONE asked me a while ago how I can live on my own...
well there are many answers to this one...
1) being able to potter around the house cleaning (or just pottering) whenever I like
2) having people round whenever I like
3) nudity
4) music volume / control of what goes on the teev and what is banned from being watched
5) i can mess up the kitchen good and proper
6) i can sleep when I want / need to...
7) baths! (need i say more?)

stuff and things see?
i mean sometimes it's nice to have someone else around, but all in all, i'm pretty used to it now... besides I have a telephone, and I have a playstation if I get bored, or I just get on me bike and go visit someone... *shrug* it does have it's benefits!!

the past...
saw my old boss from *insert last crap workplace here* this morning on my way to work... she seems much happier than when we were both stuck at that hell hole. Funnily enough we both quit on the same day! hehe.

rode my bike to work today cos it's fun! and fun!

working as door-biAtch tonight at the Aus Live Music Awards at the Garage. Should be bulk-ace!!

who put the bop in the 'bop shoo wap shoo wap'?


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