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Monday, May 15, 2006

found this on my puter...

it's from the 3rd march 2006 but i never posted it... and i have no idea what i intended the title of the post to be either... suggestions welcome...

"and so bad and too affectionate and too silly indeed!

Last Saturday Sallie and I were torn as to whether or not to go out. In the end we went to the Rev to see The Gin Club, Iron On, Intercooler and the Giants of Science.

Didn't much like Iron On but the other three bands rokt.

And I made a new friend... the kind of new friend you're proud of... one that has a mutual respect for you and likes a little bit of silliness and will dance with you and give you hugs. One who's around my age and seems to be in a similar situation to me. I like making new friends a whole bunch!

And we were so trawling for boys... dirty slappers.

ah ha ha ha.

Got home at 4am after dancing away several hours at the troubador... great venue."


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