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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Buck 65...

so let me update you on my second buck 65 experience. i bought my dancing-friend olson a ticket just because i wanted someone to go with who would dance, without even knowing or realising that he himself is a huge fan of buck's... i knew there was some reason i liked him.

anyways, so we hooked up early on at rics in the valley and sunk a few pints (maybe more than a few) before heading over to the rev to see the man himself.

the supports were two of my favourite aussie groups... CURSE OV DIALECT - oh it's been so long, and THE BIRD - who i'd seen this year already with handsome jon and scottie the hottie.

Curse KICKED as usual pumping out some tracks I hadn't heard before and some old faves, dressed to the nines as usual... if you call black plastic and nationality/country-specific costumes the nines that is. I LOVE THEM! I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM TENTHOUSAND! STILL! after all this time, they still kick. It reminded me of my last few electro-fuelled years in RADelaide and how i must thank benjamin and tyson for introducing me to CURSE so long ago!

THE BIRD have changed somewhat from when i saw them originally at rhino. I mean they're still certainly dance-able but the sound has changed somewhat. There used to be way more focus on just drums, but they've expanded a bit. However they're knowledge of different types of music is really astounding and they drop in plenty of different sounds from all over the globe. Well rounded lads indeed!

RICH (Buck) took the stage and I lost all sense of concentration on anything but the man himself. He really is quite mesmerising and it's not just about his dashing good looks. He can captivate and audience, fully entertain them on his own. But THEN, but THEN he brings his best friend Claire up on the stage who recorded with him on the Secret House album. She was amazing, long flowing dark hair, dancing around with no shoes, singing in french and english and generally blowing everyone away.
I managed to take some snaps with my shitty motorola and surprisingly they worked reasonably well. I would have taken my SLR for sure but the damn thing seems to have siezed up. Could be the cold, could just be that i need a new camera or it needs a service. I also nabbed about a minute of video footage of a new song (spread your legs) said to be taken from a new album. Oh hallelujah! He could release as many albums at Ed Keupper and I'd be the happiest girl in the world!

Sam also joined us for the festivities as did Lee and a few other folk too. Sam was a BUCK virgin and also highly enjoyed the festivities.
I want him back! I want him back RIGHT NOW! to play another show. I hope he returns sometime soon. With a new album who knows.

And now that there's a new peaches album... i hope a tour is on the cards for her as well.

*swoon* Rich, *swoon* indeed.
And had i found that old radio interview from three d from 2004, i would have come up and said hi and shoved a copy in your hand for momento's sake.
I love your GUTS! Always!

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