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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the a to z of the last few weeks...

All moved in to my new place
Baby Necklace - a souvenir
Chicken and chips - had that for dinner a couple times
Dirty Dancing - The stage version at QPAC
Finally being able to watch the second season of Book Group! Woo!
Gold Coast Office - always freezing and a full days work
Hot - weather-wise. well i do live in queensland after all.
Ikea - solutions for modern living expedition
Jon - new boy on the block
Kisses - well, i guess they go with the boy then don't they
Lying in bed - when sick, i guess it's the best thing you can do
Mooching - yes my favourite sunday thing
Narelle - my cousin came over to play last saturday
Oh look! Fiona gave me a new white skirt that she said was too big for her!
Penicillin - a large dosage to try and cure said evil throat illness
Queer - being asked if i was a fag hag for going to dirty dancing wih my gay boyfriend
Red raw throat - a splendid infection
Sowelu - the place where ken's doing his massage now
The Bird - seeing them tonight at the Zoo
Unsure of when Dyann is getting here from New York yet...
Very annoyed at a couple of my workmates, but now i'm like "over it"
Wrecked neck this morning.
Xtreme Makeover - what fiona reckons she'd be a good candidate for. i think she's mad!
Yoghurt - helpful natural goodness for side effects of penicillin (gross)
Zorba - something greek to finish us off. i dont know why!


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