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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

minx theory...

ok, i have a new theory... well who knows if it's a theory, what defines a theory anyways, does it have to have plausible... erm... cause... something to finish it... to proove it??

anyways, my new theory is that i meet boys at totally inopportune times... inopportune.... hmmm may not be the word but... examples:

a) skinny white boy, 22, met him last November, is an old housemate of my friends old fuckbuddy.... yeh gets all 22 on me and goes 'im hung up at the moment...' and where i know its pretty much because he wants to do well at uni this year... i'm like 'boring!'
b) helicopter technician, 26, my new favourite person and dancing buddy... goes to canadia to see ex-gf and other mates for five weeks leaving me with noone to dance with!
c) other drinking buddy... goes to work in another state for about 3 out of every 4 weeks... now whose supposed to hold me upright in the pub??

i am tainted, or jinx, or something, but i'm still the naughty little minx according to my gay-bf so i will just have to go out there and find someone who doesnt have hang-ups or ex-gfs that they go to visit or have to be away for 3 weeks outta 4...


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