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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

re-posting from 22/02/06

I am one of those people that gets boys to do things for me. I admit it freely. Mostly things like changing lightglobes, go getting the six bottles of wine i just won off the winning table because i am laughing so hard!, try and help me move stuff.

And after all this time and singledom it's suddenly occured to me that i'm miles away from obligitory and always dearly appreciated and undeserved help from my immediately family.

So now that i've moved into my new place i've decided that something has to be done to make it prettier.

And so I am embarking on what panda and monkey have been endearing for so long... fix shit up...!

i mean, granted they had more shit to fix than me but so far i've ripped up carpet and lino and newspapers from as far back as 1953... gone and purchased relevant ie. "i need something hang my clothes and hats on" things from ikea ("oh and somewhere to put my underwear")... i mean lets face it how long do you have to live like a teenage boy (or girl for that matter) to realise you need more hanging space!.... and some sugar soap to clean up the shit on the floors that have not seen the light of the day in an awful lot of years... (ref. 1953)

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