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Saturday, July 29, 2006

well i would LOVE to win a trip to Fiji QANTAS...

but who would i take?

Yes I'm back from blogging hiatus because i actually have a partially set up office now in preparation for my responsibilities as Volunteer Coordinator for Straight Out of Brisbane festival which is creeping up particularly quickly... by the way if you're interested in helping out, please get in touch!

I'll do an a-z, that's the easiest way to get around an update on all things jules related...
A - A new red shirt, my favourite article of work/social clothing. I love it when they can cross over as such!
B - Buck 65!! I saw him again!! *swoon*
c - Call THAT a snog?! I don't.
D - DEEP BLUE, Sallie, Danielle and Dave performed in this outstanding Brisbane Festival Show... which scottie the hottie and i were lucky enough to see last Tuesday!
E - Erin and I had breakfast at (guess where?) Tongue and Groove - cos it was her birthday and we love the brekkie there and quality uninterrupted julie-erin catch up time.
F - Fucktards! The world is filled with them. But some pleasant folk as well thankfully!
G - German Club... spent the last two fridays drinking erdinger and stuffing my face with Bratwurst there. Suits my surname to a tea.
H - Harem turkish restaurant - we're going there for dinner tonight, me and some work mates and their respective other halves...
I - I'm in print! Again! See page 26 of issue 651 of scene for my mug shot with Benjamin from SOOB and some random handsome fellow whose name I forget but who I will probably meet again at the festival somewhere!
J - Janet... big Janet actually. My aunt came to visit! Well she came for a conference but I got to see her. It was great.
K - Kan't think of a K thing!
L - Loz is back for a couple weeks from RADelaide.
M - Men! Can I have a decent one please?
N - Nobody smokes here... anymore... nooooo mooooree (well i have been but they banned smoking in qld in anywhere eating related or pubs etc)
O - Don't mention the O-man, please!
P - Party at Stuii's - it was ace, filled with laughter at issue 100 of FHM magazine and their tips for spicing up your sex life, some ping pong, and some GUITAR HERO!!
Q - Questionable! Brokeback Mountain - it just made me think of that line from tripods tosswinkle show... "i'm close enough to slap ya! if you want rough love, come on!" not particularly romantic or a pleasant film, however the scenery was fantastic and I have to finally give heath ledger some credit for something. Cos I do truly ordinarily think he's shit.
R - Renovations - well the latest is that I painted the entry wall in my house a nice green colour... and rearranged the whole place to boot!
S - SOOBIESTA! at the Jubilee, I managed the green room with Derryn. It was tres fun.
T - Talk is cheap!
U - Uhhhh....???
V - Victoria... the Spiegeltent that's here for the brisbane festival. We saw a lunchtime freebie there.
W - Work has improved. I got some good news, and things are feeling much better in this regard.
X - X-rated. If only my life was more so!
Y - Yellowstone National Park - I'd like to go there.
Z - Zelda - haven't played that game in ages, would be good to give it a crack again!


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