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Sunday, April 09, 2006

haven't been exactly informative lately have i?

Well I guess all I can say is that it's coming up to a 4 day long weekend off of work which shall be sweet cos I get paid just before it and can buy all the housey stuff i want like a new computer desk and stuff and things...

was in RADelaide last weekend for my life-long friend Rebecca's wedding. I felt kind of weird because she has nursed out in the country for some years now, and we speak very infrequently so I dont' really know the guy she married. and i was feeling all conjested because my nose doesn't like adelaide weather (aka hayfever capital of australia).

Friday in RADelaide consisted of me going 'whoopee I'm not at work' a whole bunch of times, sitting at the t-bar for several hours (of course), going to Worlds End for wedges, beer, garlic bread and pool, going via the myer centre to find icecream, an atm and some fragrance (trav you smell most handsome!) and on to the grace emily for some more beer, some more pool and further fine company. If my phone was connecting to the computer properly then I'd be able to post some pictures. frocking technology.

the rest of this week has been consumed with playing the waiting game for little spudley! panda and the monkey have been patiently waiting also, and after 67 hours in labour he entered this world... with an exhausted panda and a broken monkey obviously relieved.

bravo to the newest member of the revolution...!!

now i know this isn't particularly complete information but i am currently fighting off a cold, considering going up to the 'newest' shopping centre around here to find hot cross buns and some juice/vegies etc to fight off the cold. *bash*.... *wallop*

and my new favourite person is still in canada! *hmph*


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