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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SOOB Day One

well greetings and saluations from brisneyland, the land of SUN SUN SUN!
It is the middle of winter, right? It astounds me. We're having perfect 25 degree days with not a cloud in the sky. Mother Nature must have decided to shine down on SOOB...

Last night we looked after some of the proceedings for the Medical Records - All Ages Showcase at Juggler's Art Space.

The Understudy was great. Just a girl and her guitar, and occasionally her harmonica. Really mellow moving songs with an audience of around 50 sitting quietly indulgent on the floor.

The Ambitious Lovers used things you can find around the home (fly swats as drum sticks anyone?!) and a ukelele to produce some quirky and sometimes insightful tunes.

The Rational Academy took the stage to a partially dancing crowd...

Novi Split was gorgeous ("oh youre gorgeous") and was accompanied on a few songs by a local violinist. An impromptu cover of Weezers Janie with the singer from Rational Academy ensued as well as a cover of Crazy (Beyonce - like you've never heard her before) and some fantastic originals, finished off with a hymn.

I've given his CD two listens already today. Is that too much?

Purchase number uno:
Two Novi Split albums and a shirt for NASH (yeh Nash, I mean you, well obviously) and kindly given a new demo disk (teeny tiny) and a rainbow Novi Split badge, now proudly displayed on my bag o' badges.

Turnpike finished off the night, sweating all the way. I think they were great at SOOBiesta and also great last night.

That's all from me, and that's all from him.

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