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Sunday, January 15, 2006

hoo ha and ho hum...

now i know U2 are, for lack of a more cliched word ;).... a supergroup.

but i honestly can't say i'd spend large amounts of money to go and see them like so many have. i also found out through a friend that an old friend of mine has bought half a dozen tickets to put them up on e-bay a week or so before the gig. and i think that's shit, all it does is rob tickets from people who actually want to go. and so to him i say SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS to YOU!

the delectible (sp??) polly dyed my hair again for me last night... and i'm starting to look like jessica rabbit... which would be cool if i also had a tight body, but not quite there yet!! hehe.

i'm thinking of going to see the producers or the family stone today, even if nobody goes with me.
it's air conditioned.
last week we saw narnia... and whilst it was good there was something about it... i think sometimes the kids shit me or something. the opening scene made me bawl my eyes out but.

Harold is trying to kill Paul Robinson?! *phwoar*


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