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Monday, May 29, 2006

oh yeh ok...

last sunday i see... i am so scattered and such, as another weekend has been and gone already!
LAST SUNDAY: Zhivago play their first of four sundays at Uber in West End...
My new favourite person (yes, same as the previous one) who finally got back from Canadia and I drank a whole lot of beer (apparently it was only two though... *scratching head*) and then went to Chalk and bitched about how shite it was so went back to mine and watched I HEART HUCKABEES cuddled up under some blankets.

Exactly what I needed - a cruisey sunday arvo of catch-up.

This weekend was odd, apart from going to the races which i dont think i've done in like 5 years, went to the RE then into the Troubador for Charles Foster Kane, over to NY Slice and then GPO, tired and weary headed home.


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