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Saturday, August 05, 2006

it's so windy today i'm sure there are leaves in my car!!

yes, still no fixee of zee broken electric windows in the car... but i can now afford to get them fixed, so shall be doing so in due course - pre festival certainly.

i've just been reading pipstars battlecat.net trying to catch up on those folk i feel like i am neglecting. she writes so beautifully. i used to, until this thing called corporate world caught up with me. My days are filled with dealing with lots of rich arseholes primarily, who dont like adhering to legislation and couldnt care less if you have to get Committee approval for something and then whine when you tell them they have to undo the thousands of dollars of work they've done on something...

And when these buttheads ring i think... isn't there something a little bit more important going on in the world? Dont you care that people are being blown up in foreign countries for some random reason that noone can quite figure out? arent you pissed you didnt win big brother? do you care that they're trying to pass a random legislation taking away land from aboriginals AGAIN!?

These callers... they're unreasonable folk, mostly i'd like to box their ears or at least tell them what i think of them.

i saw SHOPGIRL this week, and though i wanted MORE of jason schwartzman and LESS of steve martin, it was quite a good film because it was hard to tell what was going to happen with it. Did i already write about this? I feel like I did...

Anyhoo, this evening we are going to dinner to celebrate Miss Sallie's birthday, which isn't until Monday but we don't care.

I think I shall do some washing and then maybe play with my herb garden and get rid of earlier said leaves that are probably invading it as well and not helping the growth of the rejuvenated parsley and garlic chives!

I love you pipstar. Enjoy your travels lady.

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