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Sunday, August 06, 2006

black books...

erin was kind enough to lend me all 3 seasons of black books. god i LOVE it. Sooooo funny.
Dylan Moran your a freaking genius! And you look pretty darned good too.

We're so blessed to have several things in this country... apart from sunshine... they are:
the amount of british comedy we get to watch

and secondly:
entire asian grocery isles in supermarkets!

it was so hard to find rice paper in the states - i think of it every time i go to buy some here... that were so lucky to have the asia-pacific influence in foods and all the good british comedy!

had a pretty huge night celebrating sals bday last night, getting home somewhere in the vicinity of... well... the suns coming up pretty soon.

went to simpatico in paddington (great food), followed by maggie bears in milton, some party in highgate hill, then a mates place a few blocks away where we had late night violin recitals, fish watching and a whole bunch of people in the same bed (and no, it's not what you think - it was simply cold! hehe!)

avalovelyweek all!

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