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Sunday, November 19, 2006

jebus where do i start?

i guess right here huh?

firstly i must put some thankyous in here to the folk who have been kind to me in recent times:

Scottie the hottie for being one of the best folk in the known universe...
Polly pokkit for listening to me any time i need her to and keeping me sane...
The Jasperian for entertaining me and somehow reminding me that i'm still young and silly even though i'm now old...
Shazzy G and Judes for always letting me ring RADelaide and ramble til my face swells up and my head explodes...
My workies for also showing concern and being nice folk, even when we're all working considerably hard at present...

A couple of months ago, my left leg started feeling all random. It didnt hurt at the top of my leg, but seemed to skip and go straight to my calf. Kind of tingly and making me walk wobbly. I had an osteo treatment lined up and so went along to which simoni stated that it was weird because there's nothing really connecting your back or whatever to that particular part of your leg.
I then went to the doctor to ask the same question, to which he looked at the 'map' of the human body on the wall and stated a similar thing.
Also, usually when i get body pain it's not in my leg.
So i was sent for a CT Scan and blood tests to check out what was going on in there.

In my lower spine they found a protruding disc at L5 (lumbar 5) which is right down the bottom of your spine, yummy.
To which the doctor replied 'short of cutting your spine open there's not a whole lot they can do... it's up to you to get as strong as you can to support your spine and be aware that you'll occasionally have to deal with some pain...'
which is fine i can deal with that. they're not touching my spine unless it starts really impairing me walk, and even then, i'm not sure i'd let anyone go in there.

I didn't get the blood tests for about another 3-4 weeks cos i went to radelaide et al and was busy with work and such, and the place i had to go you can't make appointments you just have to rock up and hope there's not a queue. After having said tests, returned to doctor where he announced one positive test. The marker that can appear in some folks blood known as HLA B27 was found. It can mean one of many conditions, or nothing at all. I mean i'd say in my case it's going to be bone related, however this marker can appear in approximately 10% of normal people as well.

more soon.

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