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Sunday, November 26, 2006

crikey that took ages to load up...

excuse me whilst i ramble...

the weather is hot. i can hear the roar of the ashes crowd at the Gabba from my place. i should dance around and pretend they are cheering for me. australia is apparently kicking a lot of pommie arse. well good for them.

my energy levels are low, lasting only just through the PREFERENCE EP Launch last night at the basement. i thought some more about my knee issue and when visiting the osteo last week i commented that i'd noticed the veins on the back of my left leg are quite a lot more prominent than the ones on the right leg. osteo agreed. i figure that possibly the busted disc in my spine is cutting the blood flow to the lower half of the left side of my body more than the right...

which would mean the seemingly small incident that caused my knee issue, had it been the right leg probably would have done jack shit.

i've been doing many floor exercises and stretching, along with situps and push ups to start to strengthen my body to help me along. it's frustrating with the knee business, but i feel like at least i can do something.

did i saw i saw little miss sunshine recently? well i did with cuchulain and it was freakn hilarious!

berocca is my friend.

i want to hear from my friends.

i feel particularly isolated at the moment. i'm not sure why that is. could be the health stuff.

i'm seeing the dentist again soon for the first lot of two treatments on my gums. i'm kind of glad when i'm seeing these professionals that they're finding stuff they can help me work on. because i figure one more health thing treated is one less to worry about. and it will allow me to focus on the whole body stuff. i'm seeing a wholistic dentist now, and i appreciate the way they do things for sure. they are taking into consideration my whole body and what's going on.

i wish i could stop smoking, just like that. why is it harder now when it matters the most?

i should return those shoes i bought a month or so ago. because i haven't worn them and they totally suck arse.

i want a hug... from the best known huggers around... where the fuck are u when i need one?
theres something to be said about a good hug.

i bought a muppet show dvd (first 24 episodes ever) for $20. i am trying not to spend money on such things, but it was too much of a bargain to turn down.

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