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Sunday, January 08, 2006

hey hey hey, what's goin' on rudy?

things i did in addylaid...

saw high fidelity for the first time with philo and jules after having made up some cold rolls for the patient... high fidelity fucking rocks. i love john cusack... still not quite as much as johnny depp or jason schwartzman but there you go.

had pies from the purveyour of pies in williamstown and was witness to a returning kitty who had been on a six month adventure...

got particularly fuschnicken at the grace with judy, lucinda, yas, trav, woody and fiona. which was truly fun indeed.

spent a fine evening with heidi & warwick and our mates playing a very rawkus round of BUZZ on Ps2. i told my folks i'm surprised they didnt hear us two streets away because it really was quite ridiculous the amount of noise we made. it was a pre-new years eve in itself...

(ok, how the FROCK can that FROCKWIT from Australian Idol have such a popular single out already... i'm talking about erm, i even forget his name, but the guy with the stupid hair who apparently 'outsung' dan who as far as i'm concerned should have been in the top two... i actually got a little sucked in last year because of him, because i wanted to see how badly the bad hair bandid sung and cheer when he got booted off... but it didnt happen til right til the end... and if its supposed to be a singing contest, he never should have gotten in in the first place. thats my two cents)

ok... found my therapist. he's not dead, but he was very sweaty, as it should be on new years.

more later.

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