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Sunday, June 18, 2006

ok a few things...

i shouldnt have to be subjected to:
a) the new pearl jam song
b) a drunken 'friend' staring straight down my top
c) fucktards at bars harrassing loads of chicks and me having to have them removed by the bouncer
d) work colleagues thinking its cool that one of them punched the other one in the face and telling me about it when i didnt even ask to hear about it... they can frock off tenthousand.

this world is starting to really aggrevate me and i dont like feeling this way. hmph.

was a marshal for the pride march to fair day yesterday and had a really great time, dressed in pink, of course!!
yay scottie, you did good!

if i dont see my favourite person today i will simply burst, because i think it would make me feel a whole lot better than i currently do.


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