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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Austrayya Day Long Weekend...

So here's how it went... Friday: drinks with Adam and Sal for Adam's birthday down at South Bank. Noice.

Saturday: BIG breakfast cook-up with Erin, of course watched Falcon Beach, listened to the Hottest 100 countdown for a bit and got mates online to stream it from their end so we could drink and smoke and boogie together.

Sunday: breakfast, went to visit Maria for a few hours then walked into town to meet Tard and Wase for a screening of The Darjeeling Limited. Really really enjoyed it. Never quite realised how beautiful Adrien Brody really is. *swoon* Not necessarily Laugh Out Loud funny, but just very good and very pleasant indeed. Could easily become a favourite.

Aside: But I must say... movie ticket prices are ridiculous. It cost me $24.10 for the ticket, a bottle of water and a medium frozen coke. I mean get real greater union, you really think I'm going to keep coming to your cinema when I can go to the Cineplex screens and pay no more than $7.90?

Monday: re-painted the last bit of my wall in the hallway. Put more things in bags for the op-shop. Went through more paperwork I'm sure. Had a snooze. Went for a sing with Tom & Camille. Watched America's Next Top Model.

That's that folks. Back at work. Sucks to work indeed.

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