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Friday, December 26, 2008

of all the completely annoying things...

getting specific help from a particular australian telecommunications comany is like pulling teeth!

seriously, how hard is it to answer the simple question of 'does your network work in this area of australia because your coverage maps won't load and we have checked our browser settings?' - ridikkerous!

So i've been hanging in RADelaide for about 10 days now. I was over it within 3 days. no offence to any of the lovely friends here but it really is a crap time of year to try and catch up with anyone. everyone seems stressed and i would have rather been slothing around and organising my house than dealing with it.

anyways, off to work on a festival tomorrow for i guess nearly a week (over new years) which will be fun but not as fun as if the boy could have also been there with me :(

made some more jewellery, can't post the other one up cos it's a gift that hasn't been given yet!

anyways, trust everyone had a splendid kweznus and will have a safe and fun fun new years. see you in 2009.
much love, sugar and spice,

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