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Sunday, June 08, 2008


well what can i say about RADelaide...

last week i bowled a whole lot of strikes in a row in a game of bowling but of course messed up the last one which would have given me a mega score, and of course bowled the last ball as a spare. boo.

had lunch with vairi at the dulwich bakery. oh dulwich bakery i love you.

saw the sex and the city movie with my sister.

saw Eddie Ifft and a whole bunch of local comics including Phil Cowie and Jason Pestell at Rhino.

Got very hammered with da boys soon thereafter.

went to the House of Chow for Bec & Mel's birthday last night and had a banquet. very tasty and very filling. then up to Woody's for sitting in front of a fireplace and Beetlejuice.

that be all.

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