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Sunday, June 22, 2008

saturday snotty night...

well judes came over so we made some pizza and mooched around watching some black books and fry & laurie as well as outtakes cos you should ALWAYS watch outtakes!

judy showing off her cheapo FABULOUS make up bag

and just general chin wagging really.

"just one question before i pack...
when you fuck it up later do i get my money back?"
Aimee Mann

so today i can consider going to radio to play with philo, but to me i sound husky, even tho judes sez no no you dont.... i guess my ears are blocked. besides its not really wise to talk into a mic for two hours and pass on your sickness to others... blergh.

but i kinda wanna go and play. waah.

anyhoo, so i'm going to mum & dads for the next day or so to de-cattify as well as de-neighbourfy. luckily julz dad lives close by and can come and feed the kitties for a day.

i think we'll be playing cards, watching battle of the choirs (i used to do a lot of choir stuff), maybe doing some sewing, watching mooFies, blah blah blah. general chillness. i guess dad has to go to work tomorrow but i'll try and get him to wag a day. cos he should. haha.
i should take life on mars season 1 with me so dad can watch it. looking forward to when ashes to ashes comes out on aussie tv. interesting. i hope it doesn't ruin it.

cos john simm is the shite and so is liz white and so is OUR GOV! GO GOV!!

ooh and hopefully we'll be able to dub off some of the random old home movies off my vhs tapes cos i brought a whole heap with me but i kind of want to split them up into dvd 'tracks' so that you can just watch one thing and not have to watch like 2 hours of something else to find out 5 minutes of something else... if that makes sense i have no idea. lets blame the sickness.

Get Smart comes out at the cinema this week. ace bro tafe. can't wait.

cos i love steve carrell in the pants.


ps. oh heres an old pic of kirst and i that she sent me from our trip to asia last year... sexy beetches. haha.

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