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Saturday, July 05, 2008

yes, its still winter...

and may i say brr in the brr brr in brr day in brr land!

so last night i went again to the purple room of mirth for bodacious comedy with trav nash as the host, rob hunter, angus and others doing spots and dave callan as the feature.
and discovered best new drink ever which is vanilla absolut vodka with ginger ale. yum yum.

also was in the vicinity of one of my old great friends however didn't get much convo out of him. besides i couldnt be bothered actually. funny that. how things change!

a side note somewhat unrelated to the above: if you can't give out good karma at every opportunity why bother opening your mouth?!

hmm, what else... oh yes i have a twin... well kind of. phil has the same shoes as me AND the same 'please dont feed the models' shirt however in green. to this i say 'what on earth is the third thing?' - woah. is he really a girl or am i really a guy? were we seeded by the same postman? ewww. jokes.

today i went up to the hills to see Vars and play board games for a bit. played scrabble and articulate. fine holiday fun.

apart from that... oh a few days ago i met with a temp agency to do their testing and speak to them about getting a few weeks work. hopefully something will come up. even a few days here and there will top my cash back up.

so about a month to go in the great adventure. i have accomplished some things... sold some shit, gave away some shit, finally consolidated my super into only two accounts, started on the exercise regime, saw death proof!!!, learnt the new radio panel, played some new board games, and other stuff and things.

i'm really torn about SA and QLD you know. strange that. though i think my body the way it is with all its wacky bone and joint issues CANNOT permanently handle the cold.

i will definately be back in brisneyland for the forseeable future... probably quite a long forseeable future.


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