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Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Antics...

so.... Saturday...

Spoz & i met at the erm, pub i forget which one it's on currie street... Ed Castle me thinks.... to have some food then headed to the Grace Emily for the Mixmasters Birthday Party. Happy birthday Mixmasters. when we arrived the lovely Cookie Baker was playing and ended with a song about clean sheets and gin. loved it.

The boys from Your Motive For also played, and some new bands I hadn't seen before which was cool. Oh Special Patrol as well and Booster.

So much frivolity and drinking was had with the Brillig-eans, Heidi, Eva, Ernie, Tracey, Josh and Alan Brough from Spicks & Specks joined the festivities! Good to see ya in such a good pub Alan, you're excellent.

I have not ONE photo from Saturday which is just a bit silly if you ask me but i'm sure Spoz can indulge you all.

I left my car in town too and it was still there yesterday. Went for a wander, had some brekkie, checked out all the tasty morsels in the David Jones' food glorious food area, but didn't buy. How restrained. Bought Tea from T-bar for Maria, said hi to John at StarBooks (Greater Union Complex on Hindley, it's a truly ace shop) where I bought a biography about XTC, and wandered off to find the car intact.

Came home and beaded for a while and did more crosswords. I see a pattern forming, don't you?

muchos love.

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