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Sunday, April 13, 2008

the 2008 list of things to do...

last year i made a list with the help of erin and narelle... did 'okay' on it but not spectacularly.
so this year i made a shorter list...

1. House sit in RADelaide in winter - yes that's happening very soon
2. One movie a month - well i've already screwed that one
3. SWIM!
4. One book a month - screwed that one too but only by one month
5. get paid to work on at least one festival... yeh i'll work on that
6. visit bEC and Evo is tasmania - done
7. cook one new recipe per fortnight - ok i'm behind on this one too, that's what housesitting in RADElaide is for
8. Record some covers with Nigel
9. Quit stinking job before it kills me - done
10. Dont get your heart broken.

so i'll keep you posted on these...


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