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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

we're goin' down down down down to kitty town...

so i'm living in kitty town...

pauly is being surprisingly friendly of late and purry and paws me going 'aww come on pat me'... so i oblige sometimes but right now its just annoying me. hehe.

because i've been playing on e-bay.

have slowly been going through all the boxes of stuff that were left at mum and dads for all this time. i know they will be grateful for the space.

So there are some things I've decided to see if I can sell. probably easier to take to a trash & treasure market but its winter and i'm sure that less folk go to these markets at this time of year. anyways...

i dont know how you can find me on e-bay (cos really i'm an e-bay virgin until like a week ago when i bought new headphones for my mobile phone)... but if you can, well more power to you i suppose.

so i guess i'll put up a few things over the next few days and just see if there is any interest at all...

on the topic of the psychotic neighbours... well i've just about had a gutful. sometimes its kind of scary you know. its damned obvious this guy is a dealer, I have no idea why the cops havent been able to bust him before. and his woman is a nutcase. if she could just HEAR herself maybe she would understand what a slapper she is. doubtful, i think she's fried her brain with chemicals.

so yes we shall see if i can last the distance in this house. cos i am supposed to be here to chill, not to deal with psychos. they really bother me and i'm sure the adjoining neighbours and businesses feel the same. you can't feel happy about a dude doing deals practically in your parking lot can you?

short of all this though... congratulations to scottie tha damn hottie for i'm sure another splendid brisbane pride march and fair day... wish i could have been there to help. waah!

be seeing you brisneylanders soon-ish i guess. whoop!

anyone with any ideas/contacts for arts related things, please pass them on. i refuse to work on something shitful that i dont care about any more. money is irrelevant when there's no satisfaction in a job y'know.

blah blah.
pay it forward. pay it all forward.

ps. if you like bowling and your in adelaide with some spare time, i'm always up for a game!

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