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Saturday, June 21, 2008

damn you winter!!

well... yes i've been sick since about wednesday... which is annoying. primarily because i haven't been sick in so long. but i guess that's winter for you isn't it. it's not so bad i can't get up or anything. but i hate blowing your nose over and over and over and thinking 'how much more crap can possibly be up my nose?!'

so this has made for a very uneventful week indeed. tho thursday night i did go to the gov to catch up with nicki and see koz play (not that i actually saw that much of her, i was bailing home at the time she started!). may i say, dear gov, though you are excellent, the service is still awful there. always has been, obviously always will be.

tonight i'm supposed to go to the g-man's place for a hat party, but at this point it's not looking good. i'm hoping judy jude will come and keep me company and watch some moofies or something...

has been disappointing i haven't been able to do my exercises the past few days. cos i feel like i was making some headway and getting some momentum with it. oh well will just have to push it next week i guess...

haha, the doctor on j tv did a karaoke version of inxs and ended it by putting his belt around his neck.. oooh harsh. i dont think the audience got it.

great to see new episodes of futurama by the way!!

about freakn time.
i need to probably go and eat something not that i feel like it but its stupid not to put nutrients into your body when your sick.
so i bit you adieu.
and hand you a tissue.


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