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Sunday, February 22, 2004

"whips, crops, canes, whatever...

come on, baby lets go..."

some revelations about myself of the last week...
(warning: it's going to be really random and scatty, so I do apologise in advance)

hels has told me that the moon has moved into piscies (i hope that's right... helen?), hence, I will be dreaming an awful for the next month... great.
i generally have dreams that people will pass through, but they won't ever be prominent parts of it. Sometimes I don't dream for weeks on end...
This week I have had dreams that at least one person has been particularly prominent.... which kind of wierds me out because I never have dreams with this person in them... very rarely anyway.
I have been warned that the dreams at this particular time can be deceiving, so the trick is to work out which ones are being 'truthful' (i suppose you could put it like that) and which ones are just trying to trick you.
This doesn't make much sense when I've had about 5 dreams in a row involving the same person.
I wonder if this person is really okay at the moment. Or if there's something I'm totally missing in my friendship with them. If we're both very similar, if we're both in pain, if we're both really quite fucked up.

I also have come to some sort of conclusion... that I may need some therapy. There are things I think I have let go of totally that relate to my past long-term relationship, however I think parts of it did more psychological damage to me than I realise. (gee, thanks motherfucker, can i say motherfucker?)

Remind me periodically I need an older man in my life.

It occured to me that when I fell down the stairs I could have *really* injured myself, and had I knocked myself unconscious, I wouldn't have been found for a little while (at least 24 hours probably)... it really could have been a bad thing.
Then what Helen has mentioned is rather full-on.
A friend of mine lost a relative last night. (love you, take care)
and all the comings and goings of everyone. Pippa's gone now too.
My friend Nate wants me to show him around Australia next year. I think that's a wonderful idea.
Any takers?

I honest to god am a romantic at heart, I will cry every time I watch "Breakfast at Tiffanys" and I do mean EVERY time. I can't help it. If only love were that sweet. And I cry at tragedies... moulin rouge for examples. I know some people hated that films, but it's like shakespeare all over again... rip out my heart and put it on a stick for everyone to see will you?

I want someone to simply love me. There is nothing more to it than that. I seemingly have put my foot in it way too many times... I tend to pass people, for lack of a better cliche, like ships in the night and wonder what could have been... I take everything to my heart and store it there for further mental torture later. I don't mean to, it just happens.

I often wonder what could have been, and so, I must be a dreamer (and I'm not the only one)...

I want to find love, I just don't know where to look...

lawnmower music: 93.7FM: three d radio: sundays @ 2pm
Guests today: Mike Radzevicious aka Aviator Lane

The Renevators: Whistle Stop
Liz Phair: Polyester Bride
Thievery Corporation: Richest Man in Babylon
Aviator Lane: Lengthways will run (Live in the Studio)
Jamaica Bastrias: Nursery Rhymes
Hedy's Lament: Ladyboy
LOVE SONG DEDICATION #1: Zero 7: Distractions
LOVE SONG DEDICATION #2: Living Colour: Love rears it's ugly head
LOVE SONG DEDICATION # 3: Aimee Mann: Build that wall
Goodshirt: Sophie (i can't get enough kids!!)
The Rakes Progress: When I kiss her
Peaches: I U She
Buck65: Protest
Plaid: Remix of Unkle's Coffeehouse Conversation
Comatone: Carbon Line
Leo: Harley Davidson
Federico Aubele: Postales (produced by the Thievery Corporation and rather sexy...)
Stereolab: Hillbilly Motobike
Dolly Parton: PMS Blues
Gemma Hayes: Over + Over
The Lovemakers: Kiss me
Team Plastique: Game Show Lights
The Clash: Should I stay or should I go?
Sarah Blasko: Your Way
High Llamas: Sweet Cinnamon Punch (dude! this track kicks!)
Red House Painters: Brockwell Park

When was the last time you...

1. ...went to the doctor?

Wednesday night.

2. ...went to the dentist?
8 months ago? I don't know. I know I need to go again. But I also know people that haven't been for a lot longer than that!!

3. ...filled your gas tank?
Firstly, my car doesn't take gas. Secondly, it takes unleaded. Thirdly, last night.

4. ...got enough sleep?
I'll get back to you...

5. ...backed up your computer?
I dont have a computer! Yes I know that's wierd cos I'm writing on one at the moment, but I don't have one that works ok?!

'til we meet again.
*insert your name here* i love you.

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